Tiny bauble

Distant Impressions
Thought resonance

Aberu slowly sips a pungent beverage while perusing the decorative manuscript; its cover calligraphically adorned with the rich Royal Purple lettering "Temporal Studies". Quietly reciting the phrase: "Point/Source can be perceived as an expression of juncture with attachments/concepts untethered prior to joining; like the creation of a fine harness, sleek and well-fitted with joints crafted to maximize movement, there are multiple types of articulation."

(Collective thought emanations experienced during source-point suggestion.)

Spangenhelm of Kesis
Societal depictions

Intention is the driving force behind technology Aberu thought, admiring the broad cross-sectioning of the spangen helm, recovered from a recent dig. A design crafted by riveting together many iron strips forming a helmet bowl. Notice the artist's expression… the reinforcement of platonic form; "it's imbued with passion… creativity" had it not been designed out of such primitive necessity. 

(Our inventions have the potential to flower into the ages, inspiring with their kindness and utility or stand as a cornerstone of perversion.)

Beckoning Bauble of Babylon
It's kinda buzzing...

"It's kinda buzzing… Aberu thought to himself" as he tinkered with the small oblong disk; which seemed a crossed between a pancake and egg. He ran his fingers along its porous surface; extremely aggravating… is it defective; Aberu considered the notion. What should I expect, probably laid in the dust for a thousand years.

(The beckoning bauble of Babylon, research of a rogue scholar intrigued by the intricacies of temporal phenomenology.)


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